Welcome to the Bel Air Children’s Home on the beautiful island of Grenada.

We were opened on January 12th 1999 and is a “not for profit company” that is incorporated in Grenada. A Board of Directors, who all serve in a voluntary capacity, runs the company. The Friends of Bel Air (UK) is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK [Registration number 1074764]. Details of the revenue funding base can be seen in the Annual Report of the Company. We also have representatives in America and Canada.

Grenada is near to most peoples’ dreams of an idyllic tropical island and so it is, but as in any other country in the world there are less fortunate individuals who are not able to share in that idyll – in the case of the residents of Bel Air, it is the children who have not had any control of their own destiny. The children are from backgrounds of neglect, abuse and abandonment. Their care is centered on personal development based on each child’s capabilities.

Thank you for taking an interest in what we are doing here at the Bel Air Children’s Home. We are so pleased that you dropped in for a virtual visit and hope that you will come and visit the children in person if you are in Grenada. We are easy to find and just need 48 hours notice (as we are sometimes out taking the children on field trips). Please call us on 473-444-5100 or you can contact us here.